The Rich Pom - Affiliate Marketing Guru Or Just Another Scam?

Australia is a long way behind the UK, USA and Europe in terms of participation in the field of affiliate marketing, according to The Rich Pom. I have promoted work from home opportunities for some time via my web site and decided to see if this guy knows what he is talking about.

Who is the Rich Pom you may well ask? He is a fellow from the UK who has made an extremely profitable income from affiliate marketing over the past five years or so. He recently moved to Australia and is starting to promote his strategies. Take a look at his website where he can prove average monthly earnings of $95,000.00 plus. He has been seen and heard promoting his home business opportunity via mainstream media in Australia on the Kyle and Jackie O show on 2DayFM and on the website.

I visited The Rich Pom website and I must admit, initially I was a little bit sceptical, mainly due to the recent increase in internet scams with several stories heard of people losing money time after time seeking a genuine home business opportunity. However, after reading the easy to follow and understand information on The Rich Pom website and a few web surfing hours looking at reviews and comments from others who have invested in his work from home document, I decided in the name of market research to spend a few dollars to see if it was too good to be true.

From the minute I downloaded The Rich Pom document (50 plus pages) filled with simple step by step instructions covering every aspect of his affiliate marketing strategy I knew my money had been well spent. Take it from me, if you are serious about an online work from home business you must pay a visit to The Rich Pom website to see what all the fuss is about.

His website displays proof of his affiliate earnings ($95,000.00 per month on average), he also includes his ABN number, personal phone and email, bank account information and business address so you can do all the searches etc to check that he is legitimate.

I was so convinced the strategies revealed in The Rich Pom internet marketing document offered a genuine method of generating an ongoing online income I created a website to help spread the word.

I have been following The Rich Pom's proven step by step program for around 8 weeks and have easily covered the cost of his information and setting up my website etc. I now make money every day, O.K maybe not thousands a day yet but I can see the potential and I am convinced if the Rich Pom's program is followed step by step there will be a steady increase in earnings from several income streams.

The best thing about investing in this product is that you can contact The Rich Pom via his personal phone number, personal email or forums where you can also swap information with other members of "The Rich Pom family". So if you are thinking about getting involved in affiliate marketing I suggest you do it now and take a look at The Rich Pom's proven strategy.

The key to successful affiliate marketing and earning a genuine income is selecting the right product or opportunity, and following proven information or guidelines that will produce online success and financial reward. If you are looking for a genuine home business opportunity, or just some extra cash, you should definitely visit The Rich Pom, his strategy definitely is genuine work from home opportunity. Affiliate marketing will require time and effort on your part, however getting started is a fairly simple process.

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