Students Encouraged to Exercise Right to Choose Lender

by Jeff Mictabor

Achieving the American dream of a college education is not as simple or inexpensive as it once was. Therefore, it is imperative that students and their parents carefully scrutinize their Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) funding options, taking ample time to research the best deal and benefits out there to meet their needs, according to NextStudent, the Phoenix-based premier education funding company.

Since there are varying degrees of customer service, discounts, incentives and repayment options with different lenders, it is critical that students not only research their FFELP options with respect to funding the popular subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford student loans and PLUS Loans, but that they also are aware of their rights.

College Preferred Lender Lists Only are 'Suggestions'

Many borrowers may not know that they actually have the ability to choose their lender since most colleges make a recommendation of which lender or lenders to work with, and many students simply go along with the recommendation. However, colleges cannot REQUIRE that a student go with the recommended or "preferred lender." Many colleges neglect to mention that students may select an alternate lender of their own choosing, based upon students' personal criteria. The Higher Education Act stipulates that colleges cannot require borrowers to use the preferred lenders or those recommended by the school's financial aid office.

At this point in time, most colleges fund students' educations through either the government's Federal Direct Lending Program (FDLP) or the FFELP. A little-known fact is that a few remaining schools offer both programs. So, when borrowers go with the FDLP, they are receiving funds generated through the U.S. Department of Education in conjunction with their school. On the other hand, when a FFELP lender is used, borrowers select from a pool of private lenders to fund their education.

Research is Key to Wisely Financing College Education

When borrowers use a FFELP lender to fund their educational dreams, NextStudent encourages families to strategically invest their time in careful research of the companies in order to select the lender that best meets their needs. Important factors may include a company's reputation for quality customer service and character, flexible repayment options, and incentives and benefits.

At NextStudent, borrowers are assigned their own personal Education Finance Advisor who will answer any questions about student loans, private student loans and student loan consolidation as well as guide them through the financial aid process from start to finish. This makes financing your college education a simple, easy process, bypassing many of the frustrations often associated with it and making the transition from high school to college a seamless one.

NextStudent believes that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and it is dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding simple. Learn more about student loans, private student loans, and student loan consolidation at

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Jeff Mictabor is an enthusiast on the topic of student loan issues in the news. He has been writing for the past 10 years for a variety of education publications. He now offers his writing services on a freelance basis.

Using The Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy Effectively

One of the greatest ways to make money online as many of us know, is by putting together a mailing list right away. This can lead to very targeted customers, and long lasting network relationships. If you have a mailing list, one way to start monetizing your list is by writing an ebook or even using your ebook to get people to sign up for your mailing list to begin with. It works either way.

Why exactly would people want to sign up for my mailing list?

The whole idea is to create a relationship with the person you are trying to market to by working in a small niche. What this doesn't mean is that once you create that relationship you should break it by sending all sorts of spam emails and junk offers. What you really want to do is work hard at getting dedicated users interested in your information to sign up to get even more information. This way they are very pleased with the information they receive, and you are also pleased because you can take in a profit from their interest.

How do I go about setting up a mailing list?

As this article is entitled "Using The Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy Effectively", I am going to explain to you how to start getting some targeted members to sign up by using the "ebook method" as I call it. The first thing that you need to do is to find a niche to work in. A niche is a small group of people, all with the same interest. This could be groups of people wanting to learn how to fish for example.

Find yourself a good niche.

Once you have found yourself a good niche, you can start to put together an ebook based on the niche's interests. So if you are marketing towards people that want to learn how to fish, you could write a relatively short, maybe ten to fifteen page ebook or article teaching somebody the skills and information they need to learn how to fish. This is one of the main parts to using the ebook internet marketing strategy effectively.

What do I do after I have written an ebook?

Now you need to make a website with a mailing list form to advertise it. There are plenty of free hosts out there you can use but most recommend you spend a little money to get a domain and your own hosting. After that you need to set up a page advertising your free ebook or product. There are many great copywriters out there that can do this for a cost, or you can just do it yourself if you feel you have the skills necessary. The catch is to make the user sign up for your mailing list before they can download your free ebook.

Market your website.

Back-links, articles, and seo optimization are a few great ways to make your website more popular. After your site has some popularity you should have some members signed up to your list. You should now begin to send out follow up mails every so often advertising other paid services you have or perhaps affiliate services. If you have 500 subscribers to your list and only five of them buy one of your paid products for $20, you have just made yourself an easy $100 using the ebook marketing strategy.

There are many other ways to market services with ebooks, but this method happens to be one of the most effective and widely used. It takes some skill and a lot of planning to effectively deliver, but if you read and do research first it can make the process a lot easier than it has to be.

By: Mr. Nicholas Larson

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Paid Online Surveys - Should You Sign Up For The Free Guide Sites Or The Paid Ones?

If you search on Paid Surveys, or any close variation of that term, you are bound to see several offers for "free signups" to take paid online surveys. Others offer to guide you through the hurdles and sandtraps to making money from paid surveys, for a fee. If you join their group they will help you, guide you, but they want you to pay a membership fee first.

So which way should you go? With the free services? Or with the Paid services?

You will get there faster, make money faster and save yourself a lot of grief if you choose a good paid membership service. Why is that, you ask? Here are the main reasons:

1. TANSTAAFL. (pronounced TAN staffle) "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!" That's as true today as it was at the end of the 19th century when an astute observer made that observation about the "Free Lunch" that bars of the day offered.... "Free" as long as you kept buying drinks! The basic principle is that you better believe that if someone is doing something he is getting something out of what he is doing. When someone offers you something for "free" he expects to get something out of it, although sometimes, exactly what, is not clear. The paid online survey membership site that collects a fee is up front about it. That's how they get paid. The guy that offers it to you for "free" expects to make his money off of you after you sign up!

2. Responsibility. The paid online survey membership site will be more responsible. They have collected your membership fee, now they have to perform for you. They depend on these fees from members and must keep a good reputation to survive. They must perform to your satisfaction or their reputation and future business will suffer.

The free site has nothing to lose and everything to gain, from making money off of you once you sign up. Everyone has to eat. They will feed themselves by: selling your information to companies that want to sell you things, collecting a commission off of surveys you fill out (for free or for a low amount), or any other way they can devise.

3. Accountability. With a paid online survey membership site you can demand your money back if they do not perform to your expectations. What can you do with a free site? Just leave. So the paid site is accountable, and they want to keep your membership fee. So they do their best to make sure that you are pleased with the results. Works to your favor.

4. What are the goals of each? The paid online survey membership site wants to see you happily making money, so you won't ask for a refund and will count on their list of happy customers. That puts him on your side. The free site wants to figure out a way to make money off of you! That puts you on opposite sides.

So the bottom line is, just remember "TANSTAAFL" and sign up with the best paid online survey membership site you can find!

By: jorchav

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Paid Online Surveys - Can You Make a Living With Paid Surveys?

Sure, it's easy to make money with paid online surveys, but can you make enough to support yourself? Well... the answers are no, probably not, and maybe. Let's look at each of these answers in turn.

No. Why no? Because:

1. Income from paid online surveys is variable, sometimes even sporadic. You have probably gotten used to eating on a regular basis. The timing of your cash flows from paid online surveys might not mesh well with the needs of your stomach!

2. While it is easy to make $500 - $600 a month, you have to work at it pretty hard to make $1,000 a month. Sure, some people supplement surveys with paid to shop, paid to drive your car with ads on it, etc. and make up to $3,000 a month. But higher incomes, while possible, are chancy. It's the kind of money that is nice to spend when you get it, but not the dependable kind you need for buying groceries and paying the rent.

Probably not. Why do you say probably not? Because:

1. Realistically your potential income from paid online surveys will vary with your demographics. If, for instance, you are an upper middle class, middle aged woman living in a large metropolitan area such as Boston or Washington D.C. (and most points in-between) you will be offered a large number of paid online surveys. However, if your income is low and you live in a relatively sparsely settled rural area, you will receive much fewer offers.

You see, paid surveys are about marketing and marketing is about money. Where there is more money and more people there is a bigger market. And so, these areas and the people there will offer better prospects of future sales. This means they will therefore be of more interest to market researchers, hence more surveys. The reverse is also true, going the other direction.

2. While there are exceptions, it is generally the case that the amount of money required to support yourself is higher in the more densely populated, higher income areas, and less in the lower income less populated areas. So it logically follows that if you position yourself to be in low cost areas these will also be low survey areas, and vice versa. Your choices are higher survey income areas with higher cost of living or lower cost areas with lower survey income.

Maybe. O.K. Tell us how it might be done! Well... here goes:

1. If you had sufficient capital reserves, such that you could own your own home, to keep your costs down, and still have cash reserve funds to eat with over several months to get through income ups and downs. And if you could locate yourself in a relatively low-cost fringe area of a larger metropolitan center, in such a manner that you would still be included in most demographics that showed high discretionary income and large overall market for the area you lived in.

2. And if you could get really serious about making yourself available for surveys, and enlist your spouse in the effort so that you both together would have a wider scope of surveys for which you would individually qualify. And if you worked the pay-to-shop, and pay to eat at restaurants, etc. area well, then....

3. It just might be possible to support yourself entirely from paid surveys and related activities.

But... for most people it would be better to look at your income from paid online surveys as supplemental income, another income stream out of several, than to try to support yourself completely from paid surveys alone.

Jorge Chavez is an experienced business analyst at: To learn more about making money with paid online surveys visit: Paid Online Surveys To learn more about comparing paid survey companies to pick the best for yourself, visit: Paid Survey Review

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3 Ways To Earn Money With Free Internet Marketing

There are many ways to use free internet marketing to make money. The problem is, there are also many ways that simply do not work. Let's take a look at the best ways to make money with free internet marketing.

Way #1 - Using a blog.

Blogging is very popular and if used properly can be a great way to make money. The easiest way to achieve this is by writing reviews on products in a particular subject. You can write up reviews on just about any type of product but the best products are information style ebooks, report, seminars, etc. And the best part about this is, you don't need to have your own product. You can find many different types of products at Basically you can become a reseller. You then make money for any sales you make by having your own affiliate link.

Way #2 - Writing and submitting articles.

This is a great way to make money with free internet marketing. You use the same principals as the blog method. You'll write up and submit 300-500 word articles on the subject of your chosen product. The best types of articles to write are "tip" style or "how-to" style. You can also write review style articles. At the end of your article you can place a resource box where you can put a small ad for the product you're selling that includes your reseller link. Then you submit your articles to "article directories" such as Try to write and submit atleast one article per day.

Way #3 - Post to forums.

Posting to forums is another great way to make money with free internet advertising. There are many different forums to be found on just about any subject. Do a search on for your keyword and put "forum" in the search. Once you find a few forums on your subject, you can post questions, answer questions, etc. At then end of each post, you can put what is called a "signature file" at then end of your post. This is where you'll want to put the link to the product you are a reseller for. Just be sure to make your posts relevant to the forum and not an ad for your product.

These are a few of the best methods of using free internet marketing to make money.

Gary Will Show You Real Ways To Make Money On The Internet That Work, As Well As The Latest Money Making Ideas, And Hot New Information Products And Services. Join now for free at:

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3 Proven Ways To Make Money On Ebay

One of the quickest ways to make money online is by using ebay. As you know, ebay is a huge auction site and gets millions of visitors per day. Take a look here

Here's 3 proven ways to make money with ebay.

#1 - Use your own closet, basement, attic or garage and look for useful items to make money on ebay. Many times, what's junk to you, is another persons treasure. Antiques, rare books, collectors cards, etc, are easy sellers and will put cash into pocket fairly quickly. Just clean them up a bit, take a picture of them with a digital camera, upload the photo, then write up an excellent description. Put a low starting bid price on the item and you're set. Within a few days, you could make an extra hundred dollars for hardly no work at all.

#2 - Sell ebooks to make money on ebay. Ebooks are hot sellers and easy to create for quick cash. All you need to do is write on a subject you have a great deal of knowledge. You might be good at fixing and replacing hard drives in computers, working on exhaust systems on cars, making homemade bread, or any number of ideas. Just write up a short report on the subject. Then put it up for bid on ebay. You'll be surprised at how well and fast you can make money on ebay with this method.

#3 - Become an auction manager. Place an ad on the internet or your local newspaper and let others know you offer this service. This is where you'll look for products from others, set up, and monitor the bidding. You basically do all the work and take a commission on each sale. You can find many people that want to run their own auctions, but don't know how or don't have the time. You simply offer your services as an auction expert. This way, you don't have to worry about finding stuff to sell. Using these proven methods are a sure way for you to make money on ebay.

Learn Real Ways To Make Money On The Internet That Really Work, As Well As The Latest Money Making Ideas, And Hot New Information Products And Services!

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