How To Deal With Nonpaying Bidders On Ebay

Even though it is more a nuisance than anything else, every eBay store owner should know how to properly deal with nonpaying bidders.

Once an eBay buyer has placed and won a bid on your item or clicked on the Buy It Now button and went through the checkout process, they have entered a legally binding transaction with you.

You are legally obligated to deliver the goods as advertised to them and they are legally obligated to fulfill their financial obligations in terms of the purchase transaction.

In rare cases some buyers take a long time to pay or do not pay you at all.

Often these are people who have been taken away by life circumstances such as dealing with a crisis. Sometimes people get buyer's remorse and do not want to go through with the transaction. Some people run into adverse financial circumstances that are outside their control. Lastly, some people are just jokers who troll around on eBay and frivolously bid on things they have no intention of buying.

None of these circumstances excuse bidders from their obligations to complete their financial transaction with you.

The first action you should take is to give the bidder the benefit of the doubt.

Malicious bidders are in such a small minority that you would alienate valuable customers if you treated every nonpaying bidder as a malicious bidder by default.

Contact the bidder by e-mail or telephone and politely remind them of the outstanding payment.

Remember, you are a business person, so always remain professional, courteous, and polite in your communication with the bidder, and always stick to the facts. Do not get emotional about the transaction and do not allow emotions to impair your judgment.

Give the person a reasonable amount of time to respond to your request for payment.

If the person simply forgot about the transaction then it is no big deal. Those people usually pay promptly once reminded.

If the bidder has buyer's remorse you need to use your best judgment. You could force a person to go through with the transaction, but they are likely to activate your refund policies or give you some grief in the future. Usually these people are willing to defray your costs and cancel the transaction.

For people who have run into financial circumstances that make it difficult for them to pay for the item, you could talk to them about payment terms or other arrangements that would be suitable to you both.

As a last resort for the people mentioned above, as well as for the frivolous bidders, you could follow the Non-Paying Buyer process that eBay has put at your disposal.

If a person gets three nonpaying strikes against their eBay ID they are automatically suspended from the eBay site.

Golden rule: Never send the merchandise to the buyer until you have received payment in full.

By: Jason Griffith -

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Sell Your One Of Kind Thing At The Auction

EBay provides internet users with a forum which emulates a flea market or garage sale where buyers and seller come together to conduct business. Currently there are 25,000 people that earn a full time income on eBay and another estimated 250,000 people earning a part time income by selling at online auction sites like eBay, Yahoo Auctions and Amazon. There is a lot more to selling when you decide to sell on auctions sites, it is not just about posting and waiting for someone to buy your product.

Many people believe you can go to a drop shipper or a wholesaler and purchase products and sell them on eBay and make tons of money doing this. Have you ever sold any items on the internet auction site eBay, if not research on how to do it? Mistakes are made when people commonly put expectations that are not realistic in that how much it costs to buy the products and how much the products should be sold for. You may have noticed that it's getting harder and harder to find products to resell on eBay and make a decent profit. After you have found a drop shipper, or shippers, you wish to work with; it is as simple as deciding which products to sell, and finding a platform to sell them on.

It is really not hard to make money on eBay put when you start receiving negative feed back your profits can drop very quickly. The first thing you need to do to become a part of the eBay money making scene is to start selling on a part time basis. When eBay first started it was easier to make money, there wasn't many people using the system and so competition was non existent.

Using an auctions site is risk free, you can sell things you don't want and make money and help people get the things they do want, this way it is a win, win situation you earn extra cash and the consumer gets what they want. Deciding on the group you want to market will have a profound effect on your business.

Try to get as much knowledge as you can about selling on eBay, follow the people who were successful and do what they do. At this moment in time it would be quite hard for someone who is new to eBay to start selling and be successful due to the fact that there are many, many sellers to compete with.

As a buyer you get feedback for paying promptly. The most noticeable sign of a good seller is their feedback score. Check that they haven't built up a feedback rating on sand by selling cheap items. When comparing the feedback from eBay users you are basically talking about how the customers feel your service was, you can compare this to people leaving notes on a brick and mortar business door. Nothing turns off potential buyers like sellers who gouge you on the shipping costs.

So before buying on EBay make sure you check out the sellers rating and testimonials and make sure they have a good rating. This way it will put your mind at ease.

By: Doug

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Make Money on eBay - Be an Informed Business Owner

by Bob Hamilton

If you have an eBay business, manage it exactly as the business operation that it is. One of the keys to business success is being aware of the world around you. That includes trends within your specific market niche and product line as well as trends in the general business world as well. To make money on eBay requires that sellers be aware as those trends are changing and new trends are starting so that they can properly adjust their business to accommodate them.

Do you want to make money on eBay? Then become fully aware of the trends and current events in the world around you. It is possible to get a glimpse of changes that are about to occur. Read a variety of newspapers as well as different market niche and business magazines. Watch the news on television. Listen to the radio. Join local business groups. Be involved and be informed.

One of the biggest advantages that a small business has is that it can quickly change course to incorporate new ideas and trends into the operation. As businesses grow they move from being like a high performance ski boat which can start, stop and turn on a dime. As the growth continues businesses become more and more like an oil tanker. The ability to start, stop and turn still exists, but it takes much more time, effort and room to accomplish. Smaller companies have these advantages as they work to make money on eBay.

Getting ahead in business does require knowing the marketplace, the product lines and the trends of the business world. However every small business owner can become informed and then use that knowledge to quickly charge to the head of the pack. This is an opportunity that eBay sellers can take to make money on eBay.

To your eBay success!

About the Author

To read my free e-report "Dropship Facts" check Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, writer and consultant. Bob sold his brick and mortor store to sell on eBay and has been helping others to get started on eBay ever since.

Ebay Car Auction Site Our Guide To Car Auctions On Ebay

An Introduction on eBay - eBay car auction site

EBay has become one of the most popular ways to sell goods currently available in the world. Thanks to eBay, virtually anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a simple to make eBay account can trade online.

People are free to sell goods, buy goods, sell unwanted goods, buy goods in bulk and sell for profits, whatever the cause, eBay can suit your n needs. The auction site has become so popular over the last few years that the company is now expanding to heights never before imagined by the founders.

EBay is well known around the world and it has users based in many countries. The good thing about eBay is that can sit in the comfort of your own home selling away until your hearts content.

eBay car auction site

Now, on to the car auction side of eBay..

Although eBay is more than just a car auction site as we have discussed above, it is indeed also a very popular car auction site. Many people who trade in cars are turning to eBay to sell their cars.

You can sell cars fast on the eBay car auction site, write out full detail on the car you are selling, offer specific viewing times, and to be honest, probably get a price on your car than you would offline. This is simply because you are advertising your car to much people. You can reach thousands of people via eBay, so the marketing power of the auction site is tremendous.

How long to list the car for on the eBay car auction site

We generally don t give a guideline to this because it depends on how fast you want to sell the car, however, if you want to advertise to more people for longer, you could put the car on for 10 days, set a reserve price, and see what happens.

A reserve price is simply a price that you wont take any less than, viewers wont get to see this, but lets say your car is worth $2000, and the auction finishes with $1500, you wouldn t have to sell the car, this means eBay offers some form of protection for sellers who want the money they feel the item is worth.

However, if you don t set a reserve, you have to sell the car at whatever the auction price is, so if the car sold for $1500, you would have to sell the car for this price.

By: John Winam -

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How to Start Your Online Business With Drop-Shipping

by Jenny Harvard

By using drop-shipping firms to handle your orders, you could route all your ecommerce site's orders to wholesalers, and they will drop shipped your order directly to customers. And you as the online retailer can eliminate the expense of carrying inventory and the risk of being stuck with the goods if these goods didn't sell.

Before you get started, consider these seven steps involved in starting a drop-ship e-business:

Step 1: Decide to sell your products with or without your own website

You can start your drop-shipping e-business either with or without having your own website. If you decide to sell with your own domain name, then you need to get your ecommerce site up. If you do not want the hassle of getting your own ecommerce site, then you could build your online store at eBay. eBay e-store site builder allow you to build your online store easily.

Step 2: Decide products to sell

Then, you need to decide what types of products to sell at your online store. You could identify a group of products such as electronic products, household electrical appliances, cell phones & etc. It is advisable to identify similar products or products under the same category to sell instead of totally different category products such as shoes and CD player. Because, by selecting products within the same category, you can give your customers more choice to choose from, and you can group two or more products in a bundle for promotion or marketing activities and you get more sales on each transaction.

Step 3: Locate suppliers who will drop-ship for you

After identify your products to sell, you need to look for your drop-shipping suppliers. On time delivery is important to ensure the satisfaction of your customers; hence, be sure you check for the drop-shipper performance record before you sign-up an account with them. Discussion forum, message board and blogs are sources for you to find some hints or comment for the drop-shippers. Or you just simply key-in the drop-shipper name on the Google or Yahoo search box; you should get some information of your selected drop-shipper.

Step 4: Set up an account with the drop-shipper

Once you select a drop-shipping company, you need to set up a reseller account with the company. This can often be done online or by phone, but some companies will require that you complete and return a reseller application to open an account. Some may also require a tax ID and a business license. Most drop-shipping company will charge some fee to open their reseller account.

Step 5: Advertise the product for sale online

Many online retailers failed in their drop-shipping e-business because they could drive traffic or visitor to their website and convert these visitors to the actual paying customers. To get traffic to your product page (either your website or your eBay e-store), you need to advertise your products so that your products get exposure on internet and attract targeted traffic to your product page.

There are many ways to advertise your products. You could advertise on eBay, use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement service such as Google Adword or Yahoo PPC. Or you could go for the cheapest but equally efficient way in driving traffic to your e-store: Article Marketing. You could write a review on your products in an article and put your e-store URL at the end of article or at the author resource box and submit them many article directories for maximum exposure. Many internet visitors will drop-by to your e-store via your URL link at the end of your article if they are interested to know more.

Step 6: The Product Sold & Place Order To Drop-Shipper

Once your have product sold, your customer will pay you on your selling price via your online payment system such as PayPal. And you place the order with your drop-shipper and pay them via their payment system at the agreed price, which is lower than your selling price, so that you could earn the profit.

Step 7: After Sale Follow Up

Many e-business entrepreneurs will miss out after sale follow up portion. Just because your customer has paid you and you have placed the order with the drop-shipper, it does not mean that this is end of the loop. Because if there are problem occur, you are the one who need to responsible in the eyes of your customers. Hence, you should follow up with your drop-shipper either via phone or email to ensure that ship out your order to your customer.

You should proactively follow up with your customer to ensure they have received their order and satisfy with it. Offer yourself as the personal contact for any issues that may arise. This is also a great way to sell customers more products because if your customers are satisfied with your service, they may give you repeat orders.

In Summary

By integrate drop-shipper into your e-business, you can forget about inventory handling issues and find a shipping partner to fulfill orders for you; all will be done by your drop-shipping partners. By following correct steps to set up your drop-shipping e-business, you can save your time and efforts in getting your business started faster.

About the Author

Jenny Harvard is author from You can get information and tool needed for article submission, drop-shippers.

How To Buy A Motorcycle On Ebay

If you want to buy a motorcycle or accessories then the eBay motorcycle section is the perfect place to look. You should look for eBay motorcycle listings of interest by taking advantage of the browse and search features. You can specify the make, model, year range and even color for your search within the eBay motorcycle section.

It is important to use the search functions to their maximum capability when you are looking for an item within the eBay motorcycle section. The more information you can put into your search terms the more likely you are to get the exact result that you want from the eBay motorcycle listings. For example, if you are looking for a red Honda VFR you will get the most accurate results if you search for "red Honda VFR 750 2000" rather than simply entering "Honda VFR" which may well give you a listing including decals, spare seats, owners manuals and other items for every Honda VFR that has ever been built.

Another point to consider when you search the ebay motorcycle section is to specify the location that you want the motorcycle to be near. Any eBay motorcycle that you are interested in should be close to your home address so that you can go and see the motorcycle before placing a bid. This also makes collecting the motorcycle much easier. The search function allows you to specify that you want the eBay motorcycle to be within a certain radius of a town or zip or postal code.

The eBay motorcycle section is sub-divided into brands so it is a good idea to browse the appropriate category as you may find an item that you have never thought of. For example, if you look in "Honda" within the eBay motorcycle section you may well come across a framed print that would look great on your bedroom wall or a Honda team cap that you can wear when you take your motorcycle helmet off.

Most importantly, you need to be particularly cautious when you are searching for an item in the eBay motorcycle section to prevent you from being ripped off by unscrupulous con artists. On no account should you send an advance payment for any item in eBay motorcycle section. It is important to do your research and check the vendor's details and verify that the time for sale in the marketplace is legitimate.

By: David Riewe

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The John Chow Review

John Chow has a great website called and is the creator of The Tech Zone which looks to be like a pretty profitable business. He must know what he's doing if he can get a high traffic rank from Alexa and a good page rank from Google. Anyway, back to his blogging site. He has a lot of good information on how to make money online and seems to know his stuff about technology.

If i had to rate his site from a scale of 1 to 10 it would probably be an 8 and that is because of all the useful information and how he has optimized his site for the search engines. I like that it is easy to navigate and of course the pictures with the lambos are pretty cool but there is too much advertising as far as link pop ups when you scroll over certain keywords. Now, I'm no genius and just starting a site of my own I can tell you that that gets pretty annoying when your trying to read the posts. Also, another thing that I noticed is that some of his pages take a while to load. Don't have an answer for that but I do have a broadband connection so I know just about how long pages should take to load.

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Internet Marketing Education

If you've been around with internet matketing for any length of time... I am sure you've come across many HYPE, SCAMS and WHITE LIE. All these nonsense are day-to-day foods on the Net. I believe Internet marketing is one of the most hyped industries today.

If you're not careful (especially when you are new), you would likely fall victim to the hype and scams. With all these noises that are so rampant

today, it's very difficult to distinguish between the TRUTH and the FAKES.

Of course you can avoid the hype at all costs if you totally ignore them all together. But doing this will risk you missing out the real opportunities when they come knocking.

Although it's surrounded by never ending hype and scams, there are REAL gems in internet marketing. The question is how do you recognize them? The only answer to that question is through EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE.

But what if you're a newbie? Where do you get the experience from?

The answer is... EDUCATION. It's the foundation to get the experience you need.

If you're serious about building successful internet marketing businesses, the first step is to prepare yourself by investing in the right education.

Because your experience will come from your knowledge and your knowledge comes from the right education.

It's important to get the right education when you first started out in internet marketing. I have been scouring on the Net for months to find a comprehensive internet marketing courses that can provide practical education.

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Profit Lance covers almost every topics you can find in the internet marketing. It's a ROADMAP for your internet marketing journey.

Another aspect I like about Profit Lance System is the practical projects. So it's not all lessons and theories, there are project tasks for you to take on. I strongly suggest anyone to go through all the project tasks. Remember: Applied knowledge is POWER!

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The 4 Ways To Get Your Subscribers To Trust You

While the rest of the world has put up more barriers to keep their e-mail accounts safe from spam, there are also those that subscribe to mails that promotes their products, services and their site. This is mainly because these subscribers wants to know more about what s being offered and how it can be beneficial to them. Subscribers want to be kept posted on what they are interested in and what s new in the market or field they have chosen.

Businesses would be so lucky to have these kinds of customers; the basic element needed to get these types of people is trust. When your customers trust you they will reward you with their loyalty. Many internet users have gone to great lengths in protecting their email accounts from spam mail (and who can blame them?). Nowadays many free-mail internet providers and internet service providers or screen your mails, offer spam protection or both

With an opt-in mail list, the mails you send containing your promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogs and marketing media will go through. Your intended recipient will be able to read and view what you have sent making it a successful transfer of information. To be able to be allowed to do so, you will need permission from your recipient, to get this permission; you need to be able to get their trust. With the great lack of disregard for privacy in the internet, getting the trust of an internet user you don t personally know is a big achievement.

To build a good opt-in list you need people to trust you. The bigger the scope of your opt-in list the more traffic you get and that spells more profits. So how do you go about it?

1. Getting the trust of your customers shouldn t be so hard especially if you do have a legitimate business. Getting your customers trust should be based upon your expertise. People rely on other people who know what they are talking about. Get all the knowledge and information about your business and make sure its something you have an like. It will become obvious to your subscribers if you have no interest in what you re telling them.

2. Show your subscribers that you know what you are talking about. Provide them with helpful hints and guidelines that pertain to what you are selling. You don t have to be a big corporation to make use of an opt-in list. If your customers see you as someone who knows what he is doing and saying, they will trust you quickly.

3. Be true to your customers, if you want to hype up your products and services, provide guarantees. The more satisfied customers you get, the bigger probability there is that they will recommend you. Generally, people will trust someone they know, when that someone recommends you then you re on your way. People will go to your site , check out your offer for themselves and be given a chance to experience what your other customers have experienced. Make sure to be consistent in the service you provide.

4. Provide them a way out. Show them that you are not there to trap them. Keep a clean list that would enable them to unsubscribe anytime they want. It doesn t hurt to elaborate your web form with information on how to unsubscribe from the list. Guarantee them that they can let go of the service when ever they want to. Many people are suspicious that they may be stuck for life and would have to abandon their email accounts when they get pestered with spam.

Above all, when you get the trust of your customers DON T lose it. If you do anything with their email addresses like sell them or give them out, you will lose many members of your list as well as potential members. When your customers trust you, they will recommend you to someone they know. No matter how hi tech this world gets, word of mouth is still probably the best way to build your credibility and earn trust.

By: Daryl

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What Internet Marketing is...

by Mark Flavin

Internet marketing is the business of both advertising and selling goods and services over the internet. This form of business is ever-increasing in popularity, with millions of people now making purchases on the internet. Internet marketing began in the early 1990s as primarily a means of product description, consisting merely of text descriptions. As technology progressed, internet marketing rapidly advanced to include pictures and other rich graphics as part of advertisements for products and services. After realizing the remarkable potential of this means of marketing, internet-based companies started opening their virtual doors for business. As opposed to what are now known as "brick and mortar" operations, these e-businesses offer their products and services to a growing number of consumers, conducting all, or nearly all, of their business in the virtual world of the internet.

There are many forms of marketing on the internet. Among them are article marketing, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (to include search engine optimization), banner ads, pay-per-click ads, and pop-up ads. It is important to note that each of these forms catches the attention of the target market in different ways, and some may be more effective than others depending on the product or service, the target market, and the strategy and goal of the business marketing itself. Among the business functions that may require use of different means in their strategies are customer service, sales, public relations, information management, and others.

Internet marketing has also become an integral component of many "brick and mortar" operations, but online-only businesses have offered some challenge in the arena of retail sales, an example of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, and peer-to-peer (P2P) marketing. However, other online-only businesses have specialized into newer approaches, such as online auctions, sites that allow you to find the best price on what you're shopping for, and also sites that allow you to name your own price. Further, affiliate marketers have emerged, offering marketing solutions to virtually all types of business. These firms typically receive what is called pay for performance. Even home-based businesses now flourish thanks to internet marketing.

There are many benefits to the concept of internet marketing. It allows consumers to shop and conduct business from the comfort of their own home, any time of day or night, or from virtually anywhere provided they have a connection to the internet. Businesses work much more effectively with partners. Efficiency and speed have increased dramatically as business and shopping have moved to the internet. Even costs have been dramatically reduced. Furthermore, at this time, it is rare that you must pay any tax for the items you purchase online.

The most noted disadvantages to internet marketing are the sometimes slow or unreliable internet connections that occur, and online security. Technology is diligently pursuing solutions to both problems, and progress is being made. Also, with the attention of the government on identity theft, it is clear that security and reliability will continue to improve over time.

About the Author

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You Can Make Money Promoting Your Affiliate Programs?

It is quite challenging to find the ultimate work from home business opportunity that can make money, which is simple and legitimate.

We have thoroughly researched the internet to locate these opportunities that will help you to make money from the privacy of your own home. These opportunities have all passed an intensive screening process and have proven to be legitimate and effective.

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The above are a couple of the affiliate programs that are supported which might entice you to start your own residual income business opportunity from your own home.

Don t abandon this home business idea, if when the first failure occurs, that will happen no matter what, but make the necessary adjustments. Stay motivated, be determent and mostly persevere.

With the Grace of God, you can do it, no matter what. The most important question for you is not when I must start; the answer must be and should be Today I am going to do something about it.

By: Willem Steyn

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4 Key Steps To Online Business

Most people, at one time or another, seriously think of starting their own business. They are lured by the promise of unbridled creativity, freedom from restrictions and the chance to make a lot of money. The reason most people don't follow through with their dreams is primarily because they really have no idea of how or where to start.

One sure fire way to achieve success in any endeavor is to market something you absolutely love. When you are passionate about your business, your enthusiasm can be infectious. Unfortunately, all the passion in the world will not lead to success unless it is tempered with knowledge.

There are some benchmark conditions that must be met in order to garner sure-fire success in an online marketing business. Some of the modules that should be investigated when you are considering starting your own online marketing business are:

1) Market Research:

It is essential that you determine the marketability of your product/service prior to launching an online business. You must ensure that your product/service is one that others need or want. Salability must also be factored in to the equation: Is the market open enough to sustain your produce/service? Are there a lot of people who will be willing to spend money to get what you offer? How will you market and deliver your product/service? How much competition will you have? How do you determine your price?

2) Developing a Business Plan:

Every successful business owner knows that having a comprehensive, written business plan provides a well defined road map for success. Without knowing where you are going and how you plan to get there the chances of your business realizing a profit are fairly slim. Determining the cost of doing business and how you will obtain the funds to become operational can be attained by developing a financial forecast. Preparing a financial workbook will outline how long it will take to develop your business and define exactly how much income you can expect to make in a pre-determined time frame.

3) Increasing your knowledge Base:

Running a flourishing on line business takes a lot of work and dedication, but most importantly, the success of your online venture absolutely hinges on knowledge. As the owner of the Company you must have a working knowledge of many different facets of business operation. Be prepared to acquaint yourself with all the nuances of online marketing from where and how to advertise, how to market and deliver your product and how to recognize and take advantage of other opportunities that will increase your profit base.

4) Developing the Proper Mindset:

Operating any business (either online or off) requires a great deal of dedication. As the owner you will ultimately be responsible for the success or failure of your venture. You must be willing to devote a lot of time and effort to establishing and maintaining your operations. In addition, once you have reached a certain level of success it may become necessary for you to hire others to assist you. Are you willing to learn the skills necessary for effective management and administration including where to get the required information and how to apply it to your particular business?

As you can see from the above, starting an online business is not as simple as developing a web page and waiting for the orders to roll in. In order become solidly established in your online business, it is essential that you obtain good, solid information preferably from other successful marketers. In the past this could be quite a problem, however there is now a comprehensive, detailed and success-building program available that can show you how to develop your online business in as little as seven days.

"You Can Make Your Living Online" is a fully developed internet marketing course that has received full recommendation from some of the most successful online marketers on the web today.

This comprehensive course will unlock many of the secrets of internet marketing that are so elusive and have presented a major stumbling block to the newcomer. The information provided in this course will guide you step-by-step through the often confusing cyber market while providing proven techniques to assist you in enhancing and growing your online marketing venture.

With in depth instructions from how to build a website to unleashing the secrets of how to obtain high rankings on the most popular search engines, "You Can Make Your Living Online" offers a safe and proven method of fast-tracking your online business in order to attain the heights of success.

There are many other courses available online; however most of them take months of intensive learning and cost thousands of dollars. "You Can Make Your Living Online" can provide all the information you will need to institute, develop and attain success with your online marketing business in just seven weeks and at a fraction of the cost of other internet courses.

Do you want to get off on the right foot when embarking on your online experience? Do you want to learn the secrets of success from internet marketing gurus who have perfected online marketing? Are you willing to take a seven-week interactive course that virtually guarantees undreamed of financial freedom? If so, you can obtain all the information you need to embark on a successful online business by visiting

By: Michael S

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Earning Customer Trust Online

Building customer trust online is a combination of good branding, good design, and good content. A website needs all three components to be successful in creating a climate of trust that encourages sales.

Branding is about finding a specific idea that you stand for, finding a way to own that idea in a credible way, and ultimately building a total trust that you will always deliver.

Branding for Success Maybe you think only big businesses need to be branded, but I'd challenge that thought by telling you this - As soon as you open your doors for business (either physically or metaphorically) you become a brand in the eyes of everyone who sees you or buys from you. The only choice you have is to become either a negative brand, undifferentiated brand, or a powerful, motivating brand.

Good branding on a website immediately lets a visitor know what you can do for them. In other words, don't brand your business by a generic term like "gardening." Instead, brand your business by showing the uniqueness of what you offer with a benefit statement, "Container gardening for unhappy apartment dwellers who want to be surrounded by nature."

With Internet branding, you want to present your brand so customers can interact with your message and interact with your site. On the Internet, your prospects have total control of what they see, read, and hear. That's why traditional advertising doesn't work on the Net.

Design Considerations Visitors are interacting with your site when they are shopping. The Internet gives you total control over what your prospective customer sees. Their shopping experience needs to be positive or you lose the sale. According to a 2002 survey by the Stanford Credibility Project, 46% of respondents said that design plays a role in a websites creditability. Even a reputable brand with a poorly designed website would cause people to leave.

Just like in a crowded store, where you can't find the section you are looking for, a crowded/cluttered website confuses a prospective buyer. Have the website set up with simple graphics and navigation. What you need to do is remove all the obstacles from the selling process. To increase the click-thru rate, your site must offer instant gratification in terms of comprehension and clarity.

Remember, customers are entering your site at different points, so it is important that your brand message is clear on every page of your website. Try to have a consistent look on the site that matches your offline branding. Keep the same colors on your website so that they match your offline marketing materials.

Trustworthy Content Creating content that gives your customer a sense of safety and security is also a way of building trust with your customer. Fraud and identity theft are big concerns for online shoppers. Sadly, according to Forrester Research, 71% of online shoppers don't believe the retailer can protect them from fraud. So, they are reluctant to give out financial information. Consumers also believe that only 49% of companies will protect their privacy.

Website visitors need to feel that the information they give to a website will be held in confidence. Before asking someone to give you their email address, be sure you have a privacy policy statement. Make sure the privacy statement is near the email sign-up.

To reassure your website visitors of a secure financial transaction, use the security certification seals of Verisign, Hackersafe, and Thawte. Make sure the seals are prominently displayed on the shopping cart and throughout the checkout process. Forrester research found that sites using these certification seals had a 14% increase in conversion rates.

Another technique is to use privacy seals from BBB online and TrustE. These third party logos communicate that your company can be trusted and have met a standard of measurement for reliability. These seals need to be placed throughout the website: near email signups, registration, cart, and checkout.

Communicate to Build Trust Building trust online comes down to clearly communicating with your customer. Something as simple as failing to communicate the total purchase price upfront, will lead to shopping cart abandonment. Forrester research found that 57% of shoppers will abandon a shopping cart because the shipping charges were more than they expected.

The goal of an online business should be to create an environment of worry free shopping. Create a website that makes a visitor feel safe, clearly expresses the company's brand through good design, and boosts website conversions through trustworthy content.

About the Author

Michelle Howe, MBA, president of Internet Word Magic, specializes in writing irresistible copy for websites. Transform the way you do business. Visit her website at for a FR^EE chapter download of her new book "Turn Browsers into Buyers".

The Ultimate Supertip

by Jeremy Badnell

The Ultimate Supertip is a free ebook written by Harvey Segal. The great thing about getting the ultimate supertip for free is that Harvey does not require any of your information to download the ultimate supertip. Most free ebooks or products require you to put in your name and email so you are added to the persons mailing list but not with the ultimate supertip. So you can download the ultimate supertip and not have to worry about getting bombarded with emails from some marketing gurus mailing list.

Harvey Segal is different from most internet gurus in that he gives away internet marketing tips for free and you can get some free in the ultimate supertip. In the ultimate supertip harvey tells you the very best strategy to promote you product no matter the product. In the ultimate supertip your will also learn why harvey has said goodbye to search engines. The ultimate supertip also tells you about an ingenious twist that will help take the strategy he tells you about work really well.At the end of the ultimate supertip ends with an a cool viral idea that makes the ultimate supertip worth reading just for this information.

I downloaded the ultimate supertip and was pleasantly surprised how well written and informative it was for a free ebook. Harvey put out a great ebook that can help internet marketers of any level and best of all it does not cost anything to download. You also not have to give out any information to get the ultimate supertip. This book is one of the best free ebooks i have read and the ultimate supertip gives quality information that i can use to market any product. The ultimate supertip gives a solid foundation on how to market product.the ultimate supertip is a great ebook and you can download it for free here

About the Author

My Name is Jeremy Badnell and I am new to internet marketing.You can visit my newbie internet marketing blog here and read about the products i have tried.

Online Website Business - What's The Most Successful Online Website Business?

If you're tired of the daily commute to your job, you may be considering starting your own online website business. At some point in their lives, most people realize that they aren't going to get rich working for someone else. The only way to break free of society's rules and to overcome the salary barrier is to be self-employed.

An online website business is a viable option today. Internet usage is abundant among people and a great medium for reaching an expanding customer base.

Once you realize that you can make money from the internet, it's nearly impossible to be content at your day job. You may be counting the days until you can give your boss your two week notice, and you may be working until the early hours of the morning trying to make your online website business take off.

There are many different ways to create a successful online website business. Many people have heard of multi-level marketing, pyramid schemes, paid to surf programs, paid to participate offers, paid surveys, and paid to read emails. If you're looking for a solid stream of income, you may want to investigate affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

Affiliate marketing involves selling someone else's product for a cut of the profits. This is a wonderful way to start out, as you don't have to worry about the hassles that come with selling your own products: no customer service, no cranky customers, and no huge investments. The only thing you need to worry about is getting customers to buy through your affiliate link.

After putting in the time to create an online website business, most marketers realize that the only way to make big money is to sell their own products. Creating your own product may seem like a daunting task but can easily be completed in a few short hours. Unlike affiliate marketing, you will have complete control over your product and price point.

If you're willing to put in the time and effort, an online website business is a great way to break free of the daily grind. Staying focused and consistent in your marketing efforts will help you to become successfully self-employed.

AJ Stamp is successfully self-employed. For the easiest product creation guide visit

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Affiliate Marketing Programs - What's A Newbie To Do?

It began with a few people earning commissions by selling books from their own home based online business websites. For those who might not know, it was mega-bookseller who is credited with developing the very first internet affiliate marketing program. Following the unquestionable success of that new online marketing concept, literally thousands of companies have since offered partnership commissions to virtually anyone willing to sell their affiliate products.

But, finding the right online marketing company, with the best affiliate programs is indeed a difficult task for the internet newcomer. It is a mind-blowing maze of choices, created by relentless marketing hype and online scams. There is simply no shortage of affiliate program promoters, promising immediate riches, by using their 'little work' or 'no work' techniques to acquire wealth and a new address on 'Easy Street'.

One common newbie mistake is best described as trying to 'Run With The Big Dogs'. As tempting as it may seem, focusing your affiliate programs and internet ad campaigns on the most profitable online niches is likely to consume a disproportionate chunk of your business start-up cash. So, you may find that positioning yourself in the more competitive affiliate markets may be beyond the limits of your entry-level cash budget. And just as importantly, your affiliate target niche may also be well beyond your knowledge based comfort zone.

An internet marketing newcomer should instead focus on what they already have the most extensive knowledge of. The advantages of utilizing what you already know, regarding hobbies or small non-competitive niches, will provide the most affordable and practical entry market for the online novice. The experience gained will put you in a much better position to survive later on, at the more competitive, riskier and profitable levels.

The reasons for deciding on a career in affiliate marketing are generally as varied as the individuals themselves:

  • Escape The Rat Race
  • Earn More Money
  • Have More Free Time
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • More Spending Cash
However, if you expect to succeed in affiliate marketing, education will certainly be a key ingredient. Affiliate marketing training courses are numerous and may prove to be the difference between success and failure, as you learn to use the latest software, techniques and technologies.

There is an awful lot to learn and it certainly won't happen overnight. To be sure, more than a few months may be required before you get a secure grip on the necessary fundamentals. You will need to know the basics of affiliate marketing, internet search engine optimization and cost efficient methods of driving traffic to your websites.

Your training should include the latest affiliate marketing manuals, online marketing tutorials, and internet affiliate conferences. Learn from the successes and mistakes of others through various articles, books, ebooks and other publications. These are the training tools that will not only enhance your understanding of how the various affiliate programs work, but will help you in developing the expertise to intelligently select the best affiliate companies to work with.

Affiliate marketing is no different than any other type of business, which operates in a highly competitive environment. But, that does not mean there is no room for additional competition. New ideas for making money emerge almost daily, as do marketing techniques to improve efficiency and lower your costs. So, if you have the patience and are willing to invest the time and energy required, you may certainly succeed in becoming the internet's newest affiliate marketing guru.

For more information, see

Harry Monell maintains several affiliate and content websites. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Old Dominion University. Following formal retirement in 2000, he spent five years working as a special projects consultant and now spends time with what he considers his most challenging, yet most rewarding endeavor - developing his writing skills.

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Internet Business Marketing: What Is An Epresence And Why Do You Need One?

Internet business marketing has become an increasingly large part of most business marketing plans. But just what does it mean to have a business marketing plan? What is internet business marketing?

An internet business marketing plan can simply be defined by creating an epresence -- more commonly known as an electronic or internet presence. Business can market their presence on the internet in a number of ways including web sites, blogs, email, articles, and various forms of advertising and brand awareness. Why would a business worry about creating an epresence?

The most important reason is that the internet marketplace is growing in both size and scope. Every day there is a larger number of people who do their shopping, and information gathering before shopping, via the internet. No business can afford to miss that opportunity to grow their customer base. In addition, the web offers a wealth of advertising and marketing opportunities that can be adapted to any market and any product to create a unique marketing message for your company.

Another important reason is that internet marketing and internet advertising is often cheaper that most print or broadcast marketing alternatives -- and sometimes its even free. Many forms of internet marketing also offer long-term benefits that make the initial expense even more cost effective. Some internet marketing campaigns can work weeks, months or years longer than the initial effort.

A final reason is that internet marketing allows you to adapt your marketing efforts to your specific audience and product which will better allow you to target your specific niche market better than any other form of advertising or marketing available.

Establish an epresence is an important part of the modern business marketing plan today because it is more cost effective, more adaptable, and more specific than other forms of advertising and marketing available.

By: Deanna Mascle -

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Are Work At Home Careers Really A Good Option?

Can you really earn a nice income working from home?

Have you ever thought of being your own boss and starting one of the many available work at home careers?

The answers to the above questions are yes, yes, and do it! I'm working from home right now, composing this article.

A larger and larger percentage of people are taking their computer skills and their entrepreneurial spirit to launch their own home businesses and begin new careers - work at home careers. 72% of American households are thinking about starting a home-based business.

The biggest obstacle for most people wanting to start their own business has been the high cost of starting a new business. However, with new technologies available today, you can start and run a successful home based business for virtually nothing. And you can do so in an almost endless variety of markets.

I'll give you a brief history on how I got started with my work at home career and give you some ideas and suggestions on how you can do the same thing. There is nothing like the freedom of working from home and being your own boss... and making a nice income, too!

A few years ago, I was laid off from my job. My unique positions made it tough to find a something in my field. I was also stuck in the position of being overqualified for a lot of the openings that did exist. As I'm sure many of you can relate, this became quite frustrating and I started to explore other avenues to making an income, specifically working from home.

I realized a few things: I didn't much care for punching a clock and having a boss to answer to. I also knew that I loved to write. But getting a book or an article published is a long shot and you have to be very, very successful to make even a modest income. So I did more research on other possible work at home careers.

After a lot of research, I settled on a couple of areas that I wanted to pursue. I did want to write and publish a book but I wasn't going to do it the traditional way. Instead, my home based business research took me to the Internet and I set about building my own web site on a passion of mine, fitness. I also wrote a book on the topic, that I now sell as an ebook, directly from my site.

I spent well over a year in frustration, buying thousands of dollars of internet marketing products, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I've made all the mistakes and now I want to help you avoid making those same mistakes so that you can build a successful online business as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My savior, what kept me from failing at my internet based work at home careers, was deciding exactly what I wanted to do and focusing soley on that one thing. It's way too easy to keep bouncing from one work at home opportunity to the next, never sticking with something long enough to see any positive results. All you end up with is a big credit card bill.

Don't let this happen to you. Decide what you want to do, put together a plan, and follow through on that plan with massive action. This is the only way you're going to see results working frome home.

Thanks to finally putting together a plan and taking action on that plan and only that plan, my dream of working from home and selling my book is a reality. I now get about 1,300 unique visitors a day just to this one site.

Before I learned to focus and put a plan together, I spent a lot of money on work at home careers, but didn't make any.

I had to learn some copywriting to write the sales page for my ebook and this led me to other work at home careers. I realized I enjoyed copywriting, that it is a learnable skill, that you can do it from home, and that it pays very well. So my work at home careers include copywriting. In other words, once you see results with what you are doing, you can branch out into related work at home ideas and leverage your knowledge for even greater results.

I've always loved to teach, and now I've become a mentor and help others build internet-based work at home careers.

There are a lot of get rich quick schemes on the internet and a lot of people making a lot of money off of those interested in work at home careers. But the truth is, it's not nearly as complex, or as easy, as some people make it.

You see, work at home careers and making a living on the internet are great opportunities. But some people give up because they wade through scam after scam before they get to the gold. Others want instant riches without putting in the work necessary to become a success. It's best to keep things simple.

If you're looking to start a home based business, the biggest seller is information, especially how to information. In the past, there was a huge financial barrier to begin an information publishing empire. Today, that is no longer the case.

If you have valuable information (experience, hobbies, etc.) that others would be willing to pay for, you can start your own information publishing empire for next to nothing.

This is how I got started with my first site, which was designed to sell my own ebooks.

If you love to work with computers or you want to find a way to be home and spend more time with your family or you just don't want to always worry about whether you are going to be the next casualty when we are in a down economy. If this sounds like you, work at home careers are for you.

Gregg Gillies has been running a successful online fitness business for over four years as well as mentoring students for over two years on how to build their very own online businesses. Check out his free report "Learn How To Quickly And Easily Launch Your Own Profit Pulling Online Business ASAP, On A Shoe String Budget That Runs On Auto-Pilot And Earns You A Six-Figure Income!" at

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Internet Marketing, The Main Source Of Traffic

For a successful internet marketing strategy one must first have a product that they can market and a website to promote that product on. From that point on internet marketing takes over. The purpose of internet marketing is to promote a product in the most creative means possible.

The first step is to get the website of the product some traffic. The best way to accomplish this is to get the website on some search engines. Having your website come up in a search will do wonders. Make sure to think of as many keywords as possible to allow your website come up. Another good way to produce more traffic is to recruit affiliates, having them add links to their websites that will bring them back to yours. You can go to specific businesses that you know of already or use databases that have companies listed with them that are willing to make new affiliate relationships.

If your website is kept in your customers mind this will bring more repeat traffic. To do this, send a newsletter out to them, monthly at the very least, reminding customers that your website is still up and running and you are more than happy to do business with them. Use some of your favorite websites as examples. What is it that they do to get you to keep coming back to them to give them your money?

If things still seem a bit hazy there is always the option of internet marketing courses. Many of which are offered on the internet. In these classes a student will learn the ins and outs of terms, plans and little known secrets of the internet marketing world. At the end of the courses a student should be fully prepared to take on the challenge that lies ahead of them.

There is always the option of having someone do the work for you. There are several internet marketing agencies out there that will think of strategies of ways to promote your growing business. Some will even test your product with a consumer panel to best optimize your business.

Through imaginative internet marketing your business will flourish. It just takes a little ingenuity to get things off and running and before you know it your business will be booming.

By: David G. Petten

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Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing Agency Reveals Search Engine Optimization Secrets

If your web site doesn't have a Top 10 search engine ranking, you're missing out on approximately 85% of the Internet users who are looking for the exact products or services you offer.

No matter how much money you're spending on online advertising, it isn't bringing you anywhere near the bang for the buck that natural search engine optimization services can according to one Phoenix Optimization Firm that specializes in providing natural search engine optimization services.

Unlike having to spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and pay-per-click online marketing strategies, an online marketing agency that provides natural search engine optimization uses techniques that are approved, and even endorsed, by all of the major search engines.

According to our Arizona SEO company contact, a professional search engine optimization service provider takes a holistic approach to boosting a web site's rankings. The steps that these companies take often include:

* Performing key word research to identify the most popular search terms Internet users are entering to find the client's products and services.

* Optimizing the web site's content pages by adding those key words, in a relevant and proper manner, to the copy that appears on each page.

* Optimizing the web site's HTML source code to accentuate those key words and to make sure that search engine spiders will have no problem fully indexing each page on the target web site.

* Develop and implement a web site linking strategy that creates both inbound and outbound links to and from other web sites that are relevant to the client's web site but are not competitors.

* Providing the client with regular search engine placement reports that demonstrate how well their natural search engine optimization services are performing.

* Being proactive when it comes to adjusting and fine-tuning each web page in order to ensure that it continues to maintain a top rank in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, it is. Most web masters who try to perform their own search engine optimization often fail. That's because search engines are very picky and even one technical or tactical error can cause a site to plummet to the bottom of thousands of SERPs.

Professional search engine optimization companies like our Arizona SEO company friends are worth every penny they charge and they charge a whole lot less than you'll earn if your site gets a good ranking thanks to proper natural search engine optimization services.

By: Eddie SanMarco -

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Arizona SEO Company

The Essentials in SEO Marketing

Effective Internet marketers penetrating to add essentials to search engine optimizing, or SEO often supply SEO tools that give awe-inspiring results, which at first these marketers learn some "nerve-wrecking" SEO strategies to reach the major search engine's top ranks.

Some SEO services online offer various solutions that often include writing SEO gigs. The yuppie experts in SEO copywriting assist marketers by supplying these awe-inspiring results to the highest possible SERP range. Marketers go above the scoring system that are specs in Big Name search engines, such as Big 3, Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on.

The mission of most web ramblers is to get their pages at the top rank of the leading search engines. SEO marketing is the process of search engine optimizing that involves content written SEO and keyword density style to meet the standards in Google's outlined algorithms. To find relevant, quality keywords, marketers often use spotter tools or other tools that help them to find quality, relevant keywords. The spotters they use to track keywords hunt keywords that help them to increase odds of reaching top ranks at the major search engines. The Internet dummies want to reach top ranks to hit Google, MSN and Yahoo's spotlight.

Most SEO services online is a Data Highway that works with marketers by helping them driving SEO solutions home using keyword density strategies.

Keyword density is imperative. Quality, quantity, relevancy and keyword density factors into Google's decision to rank the web pages. The content incorporates SEO market tools that combine to attach to H2 Tags, Description Tags, Spiders, Header Text, Meta Tags and the relevant keywords SEO experts supply.

Optimizing is the prime focus. Optimizing is the process that fills in relevancy, accuracy and easy access to users. Users can expect top-quality content when searching properly filled SEO style web pages. Internet SEO marketing makes it possible for geeks to intensify their traffic coming to a web page by applying correct SEO marketing strategies.

SEO marketing assists marketers by increasing traffic to a web site, which obviously will increase sales. SEO and keyword density give Internet marketers customized, publishable copies that attract the major search engines online, such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Superhighway marketers aim to reach top ranks by approaching the major search engines armed with relevant, quantity, quality, and accuracy keywords and links.

Relevant links should be less than 100 to reach the best results. Copywriters or link builders often try to deliver SEO content and quality, relevant links accessorized to attract Internet users.

In conclusion, SEO marketing is the process of advertising web pages.

Engine Promoter, search engine marketing web-site for search engine optimization and website submission. Promote your website and get top rotating positions on over 250+ search engines, including a niche website submission. Engine Promoter also operates #1 Shopping Online and, #1 Go Shopping

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Developing An Internet Marketing Strategy

Copyright 2006 Stephen Pierce

How do I effectively develop an Internet marketing strategy? Every online business owner asks this question at some point in time. Unfortunately there is no universal answer to developing your Internet marketing strategy.

There are many different methods being used and new ones being tried every day. However, there are fundamentals that must be in place to develop a successful Internet marketing strategy.

- Internet marketing strategy one: Know your target market.

Don t guess, those who guess fail. Check your reality; don t think everyone needs what you are selling. Take the time and effort to develop a very specific outline of your preferred customer.

Research, ask questions, talk to people, get a firm understanding of who it is you are selling to and don t depend on if you build it they will come . When you have a grasp of your target market you ll be able to make accurate decisions about your business, not guesses based on guesses. Developing an Internet marketing strategy is like building the foundation of your business. When you analyze your target audience, you'll want to find out the answers to questions such as the ones listed below.

What products/services do you currently buy? Why do you buy your current brand? What do you like about it? What could be improved? If you could recreate the product/service, how would you change it? What Web sites do you frequent? What ezines or newsletters do you receive via email? Sex? Age? Annual income? Occupation? Title? Are you a business owner?

Depending on what your business sells or offers, there should be more questions you can develop to further hone your target market and therefore you Internet marketing strategy.

How do you get this information? Talk to people in person or in groups. Conduct an online survey. offers excellent survey tools free of charge. Make use of online forums. Put a forum on your site. Use a promotional give away to get information. Be creative and be real.

- Internet marketing strategy two: Understand why people stay on your site once they are there.

People who come to your site and leave seconds later are not customers. Your first page should load very quickly. Be brief and to the point. Verbosity is marketing death. Good design, good writing and white space are preferred. Use tables with cell padding and cell spacing to give your pages a quality feel. Hiring professionals can be money well spent.

- Internet marketing strategy three: Don t base your sales pitch on deception.

Make sure your links accurately describe what the viewer will get. It is a common con to have a link to a freebie or discount lead to nothing more than a hard sales pitch that the viewer wouldn t have chosen. If you do, you ll likely lose the potential customer.

- Internet marketing strategy four: Always provide something for the viewer, even information can make them return again and again.

Your viewers like to get new, updated material. Therefore, make sure to provide ongoing quality information as often as possible.

- Internet marketing strategy five: Always research the methods you may want to use to advertise, i.e. link exchanges, click through programs, pay per click programs, advertising on search engines, banner ads, etc.

Make sure the methods you select reach your target market. Don t market your ego; market your product or service.

By: Stephen Pierce

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Stephen Pierce is a business optimization strategist who provides strategies that make growing profits in your business a fast reality. To learn how to get Marketing Momentum for real business success, please visit for free marketing tips and strategies.

Get Paid For Posting Videos On Google and Youtube

by kumar

Do you share any videos on, and other types of video websites... for free?

If you're doing that for fun and NOT GETTING PAID at all, you're leaving money on the table. Yep, no kidding. I did that last time as well, when I was getting over 150,000 views a day from Google Video alone.

But now, I've grown smarter.

I've found a way how to make money online while sharing my videos for free by using a step-by-step system and... it's quick and easy! Well, the good news is I'm going to share THE EXACT system with you, so that you can start making money from your first video sharing today.

Just in case, if you are not sharing any videos online but just watching them for fun, it's time to get started because it's so easy to create an income for you.

" is probably making $1,000,000 - A DAY Selling Ads."

A normal scenario is ...

You have a video you want to share for fun and you put it up at Google Video or That's it. Right, you'll have the entertainment and fun but you won't get richer.

But now you can use the "Home Video Cash System" for free to make money online by just sharing your own or other people's video!

Yes, I did mention it's free and you can use other people's video too.

Here's how it works:

"Have you ever wonder how do these video sharing

websites make money?"

I'm sure you know that they are not doing charity by allowing you to use their video hosting and streaming service for free.

If you notice each time when you're watching a video clip in Google Video, YouTube, etc, there are advertising ads on that webpage.

That's how all of these sites make money. They sell ad spaces and charge the advertisers for a fee for that.

The question is... why are you letting them to earn all of the profit?

I'm going to help you end that because you're going to get a piece of this money-making pie WITHOUT spending a single red cent. You see, by using the "Home Video Cash" system, you'll earn 50% of all of the advertising profit made.

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How Affiliate Marketing Can Stop You From Leaving Money On The Table

You have enough on your plate without adding something as time consuming as affiliate marketing. Right? Nevertheless adding affiliate programs to your online portfolio is a wise move.

The just released 2007 AffStat Affiliate Marketing Benchmark report showed that the number of affiliates online is declining. Bad news? Hardly. The same report also shows that affiliate conversion rates (customers who buy) has increased anywhere from 1.6 percent to 5 percent. In a nutshell that means less affiliate competition and more money.

Whether you start your own program or join one that belongs to someone else, affiliate marketing can pay huge dividends. If you decide to start your own program, you will gain a highly motivated sales force that will generate free advertising for your business. The risk is negligible because your affiliates only get paid when a transaction is complete. That is unless you work out an alternative payment method.

There are four ways to set up the payment structure.

Pay per click: the affiliate is paid each time a visitor to their website clicks on the advertisement and is taken to the main sales or sign up page.

Pay per impression: The affiliate earns a profit each time the advertisement is shown.

Pay per lead: A visitor not only clicks on the advertisement but also performs an action like filling out a form to receive more information about your products and services. According to business experts and the internet trend lines, this form of commission payment is expected to skyrocket before the year is out.

Pay per sale: Pretty self explanatory and the most common method of payment.

The key to making your affiliate marketing campaigns work is to find affiliates with experience, a high traffic website and a proven track record. The good thing about these kinds of affiliates is they do not necessarily have to understand the business they are promoting plus they are already motivated to make money.

Or you can do some homework and find a company related to your business but not in direct competition. By finding the right approach you may be able to persuade that company to share their target audience with you. Again just make sure you are not in competition.

Setting up your affiliate marketing program is a snap. The toughest part is deciding how you are going to pay your affiliates. As a suggestion, you should probably stick with the tried and true pay per sale if you are just starting out. However you decide, get started with your own affiliate program now. The benefits greatly outweigh the risks and can go along way to putting your business on autoprofit.

Daryl Campbell is an internet business owner and affiliate marketer. Get more free tips, tools, video coaching and up to the minute internet marketing information at Internet Marketing Guide

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Simply Hired Services Or Optimization Of Resources - An Affiliates' Perspective

Affiliate Marketing is all about Optimisation of resources. It is much more than merely 'simply hired services.' When you have a website and you want to generate revenues by selling the idle web space, you optimise on the space; on the traffic to your site and of course on the resources. It is like having the cake and eating it too. An affiliate (also called publisher) is rewarded for generating Web Businesses for a Merchant, per visitor/customer/sale/lead provided through him, which is not a tall order. It is clearly miles ahead of 'simply hired services' or paying for finding new clients. So, you become an Affiliate to realize your true potential without any trouble; because there are Affiliate Programs like us who get the things moving for you.

Anyone with a viable Website and business acumen is either mulling over becoming an Affiliate or is already one. In the arena of Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing Program and Affiliate Networks are the talk of the town. Reports suggest that the total sales affected through Affiliate Networks in 2006 was more than 2 billion pounds in UK alone! Allow yourself to be lured by the size of the commission involved and join the Affiliate Marketing bandwagon, sooner than later. Your website and the traffic it attracts can maximise your ROI like never before. It makes your website more meaningful and value-loaded for the Online Marketing Business. An Affiliate Marketing Network is a boon to your business in that the Mohammad (Affiliate) will not go to the mountain (Merchant) and neither the mountain will go to Mohammad! Only both have to come to ePurple Media. It's as simple as that!

There are many Affiliate Marketing Programs being offered. Then why join ePurple Media? Well, in the first place, your business is essential to our own joy. Sometimes, the chief want in life and business is somebody who can make us do what we can! We are a comprehensive Online Marketing Agency with tremendous expertise in Online Marketing, among other things. We provide everything needed for a successful Affiliate Program - providing the monetary angle to your website, report and track real time, manage your account, pay you well and on time etc. We have a proven track record, a dedicated team of professionals and above all, we believe that if a business is worth doing; it is worth doing well. So, sky is the limit with us! Hurry, there are hundreds of merchants in the cyberspace waiting for you! Opportunity is knocking; don't complain of noise!

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